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5 Worst WWE Royal Rumble Winners

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Royal Rumble is one of the Marquee shows in the list of WWE Pay-per-view events. WWE has placed a lot of stock into the Royal Rumble event and it is the unofficial kick off to the road to Wrestlemania. Winning the Royal Rumble is not and never was a cake walk. Apart from the confidence from the people backstage, a superstar had to win the crowd as well if he had to become a successful Royal Rumble winner.

However not ever the Royal Rumble Winner is able to Impress the crowd. Majority of the winners achieved this paramount task with flying colors but there were a lot of others who ended up making a fool out of themselves. It would probably be a nightmare for both the company and the superstar but then again, wrestling fans are one of the most unpredictable breeds out there

So here we are listing down the 5 Worst WWE Royal Rumble Winners.

5. Batista – 2014

When the fans entered in the Consol Energy Center in January of 2014, they had only one thing going through their mind which was Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan wrestled in the opening match of the PPV against Bray Wyatt, and he received a hero's welcome by the crowd. However he lost the battle To Bray Wyatt. However, the crowd was not worried. There was still the Royal Rumble match and even though Bryan was announced as not participating in the match, everyone knew that meant he would definitely be in the match and win the title shot at Wrestlemania.

When the Rumble started CM Punk entered at #1 and his presence cooled off the crowd just slightly but not for long. Soon enough, they were chanting Daniel Bryan’s name loud and clear for everyone at home to hear. It was impossible to ignore and it was chanted with great anger at the WWE officials.

With the returning Batista rumored to win the contest, the crowd began jeering and booing Batista’s every move even though he was supposed to be the conquering babyface. Finally, the countdown began for the #30 entrant and every member of the crowd stood up, ready to blow the roof off of the arena if Bryan made a surprise entrance.
And it was Rey Mysterio.

When Batista finally won in a foregone conclusion, the crowd absolutely destroyed him. Batista tried to celebrate with fans but was greeted by hand gestures and insults. Batista actually seemed put off by the treatment and flipped members of the audience off on his way to the back.

That night changed the course of WWE and actually caused Vince to change the planned main event of Batista vs. Randy Orton to a triple threat including Daniel Bryan. Batista would leave a short time later, frustrated with what may be his final WWE run.

4. Roman Reigns – 2015

At the ppv of Royal Rumble 2015 Roman Reigns managed to anger the entire city of Philadelphia by winning the Royal Rumble 2015, and with that he received a meet Brock Lesnar at the Wrestlemania 31.

Much like the Pittsburgh crowd the year before, Reign’s victory was tainted because he was not who the fans wanted to see win the match. Despite Daniel Bryan being the most over person in the match, Bryan was booked only to last a short while at the very beginning of the Rumble before being cleanly eliminated and send packing to avoid distracting from Reign’s win.

Two of the final four consisted of Reigns and Rusev, who at least were new superstars who could possibly be main event players and thus deserved that spot. However, the other two were Kane and the Big Show. What is this, 2001? Neither Kane or Big Show has been a legitimate main event threat in years but, since Vince loves big guys, they were given the honor of unceremoniously eliminating crowd favorites Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler.

Vince might as well have walked onto the entrance ramp and given the crowd the finger.
To show how bad the situation actually was, Reigns suffered a beatdown from Big Show and Kane after their elimination, causing the Rock to make the save…and he was booed.

3. Alberto Del Rio – 2011

Alberto Del Rio is the only man who have managed to win a Forty man Royal Rumble Match. On paper it might sound bad but in reality, the fact is worse. Del Rio is indeed a great in ring worker and a decorated name in the business but that doesn’t explain the company letting him be the ‘one’.

Del Rio entered into the match at the 38th position and eliminated Santino Marella to win the match. Does it get any worse that this? Yes, it does. He opened WrestleMania instead of headlining it and lost the championship match against Edge.

The Mexican’s recent departure from the company makes the situation a lot more botched as WWE cannot bank in on a superstar who defeated 39 other men in one night.

2. Sheamus – 2012

Shemaus Won the Royal Rumble Match in 2012. Chris Jericho was considered as the favourite and one of the best choices for the company to Win Royal Rumble in 2012 but the company chose to go with Shemaus.

The final four of the match consisted of Sheamus, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, and the Big Show. Since no one has bought show as a threat to any world title since about 2000 , he was eliminated followed by Randy Orton. Jericho and Sheamus proceeded to have a very good five minute mini-match where both guys teased eliminations on multiple occasions. Eventually, Sheamus eliminated Jericho and won his first Royal Rumble.

It didn’t look bad at first but it looked horrible when Sheamus reached WrestleMania. The whole point of Royal Rumble is to give the winner a chance to headline the Mania. However, Sheamus opened the show alongside Daniel Bryan in an 18 second match.

Jericho, who lost meanwhile, worked further up the card and faced the WWE Champion CM Punk. Sheamus never got the luxuries of winning the Rumble thus deserving a place in the list.

1. John Cena – 2013

WWE Advertised The Cena-Rock Wresltemania match as a once in a lifetime event in 2012, so no one was expecting the company to have a rematch very next year. They needed something different in 2013, and the answer was to include the title into the mix.

When John Cena won his first Royal Rumble back in 2008, the Cena backlash had not yet reached the level it would hit in 2013. Older fans began to get tired of having John Cena and his Superman-like character being shoved down their throats. For years, it seemed like the odds would be stacked against Cena and he would overcome them because he was John Cena and he never gives up and he rises above hate and all that other stuff.

So WWE let Cena win the Royal Rumble match and later allowed Rock to mark an end to CM Punk’s record reign. It was a predictable match right down to the core and was also one of the reasons for Punk walking out from the company.

At WrestleMania, Cena and Rock had a horrible outing in terms of wrestling and Cena winning back the title seemed nothing more than obvious. 


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