Monday, 12 October 2015

TNA Star Kurt Angle To Appear At WWE Royal Rumble 2016?

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Kurt Angle has been featured in Pro Wrestling for more than 20 Years now. He stepped in the world of Pro Wrestling after he won the Gold Medal at the 1996 Olympic Games in the wrestling category with a “broken freakin neck” he decided to continue his love of wrestling professionally. He was a hot commodity as well, as all three major American pro-wrestling companies wanted him.

Kurt Angle decided to made his home with WWE, and that was where he spent around ten years of his life before deciding to move on to something else. He needed a lighter schedule but also something that would give him the right kind of money he wanted. TNA offered such a deal to angle and along with such others such as Sting, became a big part of TNA’s Impact Wrestling program.

According to the news coming out Kurt Angle has decided not to renew his contract With TNAWrestling and will be taking time away from pro-wrestling. Of course, this is an excuse we heard many wrestlers use in the past and one Angle himself used years ago when telling WWE Chairman Vince McMahon he needed a break… all before jumping ship to TNA.

Kurt Angle's Contract with TNA will be coming to an end in the Month of JanuaryThis has led many to believe that Kurt Angle will be making an appearance with WWE at least in the Royal Rumble match that same month. It is not crazy to think, as rumors have been swirling about such a possibility since Angle made the announcement that he would not re-sign with TNA. Before signing this deal, Angle attempted to get a deal with WWE but it simply did not work out.

With the Sting and the Duddley Boyz now back with WWE, we could easily see the Multiple time WWE champions signing back with WWE.


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