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Royal Rumble 2016: 4 Early Choices to Win and Headline WrestleMania 32

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Royal Rumble 2016 is four months away from now but since wwe is already planning out the Wrestlemania 32, we’ll take a look at who could win the prestigious match to headline the show of shows.

Royal Rumble is one of the big four ppvs of WWE considering the Other three being Wrestlemania, SummerSlam, Survivor Series.

Royal Rumble 2016 pay-per-view will be taking place on January 24, 2016 at Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

Royal Rumble is always one of the highly anticipated WWE matches of the year. Royal Rumble kicks off the WWE pay-per-views in January.

For those who don’t know, the Royal Rumble is a battle royal involving 30 WWE stars. They don’t all start in the ring at once, as someone enters the match every 90 seconds. The last one remaining in the ring receives a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania.

4 Early Choices to Win Royal Rumble 2016

1. Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns was booed out of the building when he won the Royal Rumble 2015 and even a Appearance by The Rock (The Great One) can't do any better. But Still Roman Reigns is considered as one of the top guys to Win Royal Rumble 2016.

Rumors Surrounding the IWC(Internet Wrestling Community) are already speculating that Roman Reigns will be pushed to win his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship. So it will be a great Way to let him Win the Royal Rumble 2016 and go on to headline Wrestlemania 32 once again. 

The Reason Roman Was booed after winning Royal Rumble 2015 because the fans thought he was pushed to them. But at the time of Writing Roman Reigns is getting over the crowd and this time the result may be different. 

2. Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is not a full timer in WWE and a part timer has never won a Royal Rumble. Batista winning in 2014 may be argued but the plan for him was to stay around for two years. So much for that.

However, Lesnar is a different case.

The Beast Incarnate is WWE’s second-biggest draw behind John Cena. It’s been made obvious by the company with this new “Go to Hell” tour through the month of October. This is seen as a desperate attempt to draw ratings and buzz for Monday Night Raw. If things are still bad by Royal Rumble, Lesnar could win the match and headline WrestleMania 32.

You could really argue either point that Lesnar would win because he’s a massive draw or because of WWE’s poor ratings. He would help sell out AT&T Stadium while being in the main event, though.

Just like how “John Cena is John Cena,” Brock Lesnar is Brock Lesnar, so that may be good enough. It’s part of the reason why he had a title reign from WWE SummerSlam 2014 to WrestleMania 31.

Who are your early favorites to win the 2016 Royal Rumble? Let us know below.

3. Dean Ambrose

Being WWE Considering having a Shield triple threat match At the Wrestlemania 32 Main Event. Dean Ambrose will be one good choice to Win Royal Rumble 2016.

However Among the Other 2, Dean Ambrose have the least Chances to win Royal Rumble 2016, Dean Ambrose is not considered as a “consistent main-event talent” by WWE, as he’s only headlined “B” shows like WWE Hell in a Cell, WWE Elimination Chamber and WWE Money in the Bank. Having him headline WrestleMania 32 would be a huge stretch.


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