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3 reasons Brock Lesnar will win the 2016 Royal Rumble

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Royal Rumble 2016 is our next ppv on the line and it will take place on January 24, 2016 at Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

However unlike the last two times This time arround, royal rumble really has no better candidate to win than the big, beastly, glaring one.

Brock Lesnar is currently the safest bet for wwe to win next year's Royal Rumble, and therefore challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania, for the following reasons:

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1. Challenging Roman Reigns for The WWE Title

Roman Reigns is expected to be the WWE champion heading into Wrestlemania so for him Brock Lesnar is one of the safest pic to challenge Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 32 for the WWE Title, considering that they both have unfinished business together when they faced each other at Wrestlemania 31 main event but then seth rollins cashed in his money in the bank briefcase and turned the match into an Triple threat encounter. With big stars like Seth Rollins, Randy Orton injured and John cena rumored to face Undertaker it is the safest way to go.

2. Who else would win?

Roman Reigns if not the WWE Champions can be the pick to win Royal Rumble but he had already won it the last year and he was booed out of the building and even an appearance from the Rock could save him.

Soon to return John cena has already won it twice. Among WWE's full-timers who've ever sniffed the main event, that leaves Dean Ambrose, who also enjoys huge crowd support that could help his Rumble chances, but doesn't seem to get the same enthusiasm from the WWE front office. And so we're left with Lesnar.

3. Fans Would Love Lesnar winning

Wrestling fans erupted with outrage over the last two Royal Rumbles due to the wins of Reigns and, before him, Batista. f WWE has any ambition of avoiding another #CancelWWENetwork, Lesnar's the way to go. Half of the problem will be gone if Bryan, Cesaro or another grassroots foil isn't in this year's match, but the Mayor of Suplex City has plenty of diehard support in his own right — his cushy part-time schedule notwithstanding.


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