Saturday, 5 December 2015

Major update on Brock Lensar's Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 32 plans

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Brock Lesnar's absence from WWE Television has given rise to a lot of rumors and speculations about his return, and as the rumors are reporting wwe creatives may be possibly leaving the door open for Lesnar vs Kevin Owens encounter at WrestleMania 32.

According to the latest reports coming in from backstage, the rumors surrounding the possible match are just speculations and there is nothing more to it. Although the dream match can still end up featuring on the WrestleMania 32 card or maybe on Royal Rumble 2016 as well.

As far as Lesnar's Return is concerned, he is booked via WWE for Royal rumble 2016 return on January 24th, though he is not advertised for the Rumble – which could happen in the weeks to come.

WWE Could also keep the return under wraps and surprise the WWE universe at the day of the pay-per-view.

The Beast without a doubt is a major player in WWE’s plans leading up to WrestleMania and expect WWE to involve him in the regular bouts of programming leading up to the event in Dallas.

The current speculations do point out at an Owens-Lesnar showdown at the show of shows – which is exactly what the WWE should book. There are many reasons that validate the match.

But WWE could also go either way and Let Brock Lesnar win the royal rumble and headline Wrestlemania 32.

I truly hope Lesnar wins the Royal Rumble. Quite frankly, I don't think WWE has a choice.

Roman Reigns will likely be the champion by then and even if he is not the champion him entering the Royal Rumble in 2016 would be a fool's errand. So the winner has to be somebody who would set up an intriguing main event worthy of a 100,000-seat stadium—and not named Triple H.

As far as WWE Superstars currently under contract, Lesnar is that guy. It's either him or John Cena. Cena's WrestleMania storyline could see him acknowledge the end is near and that he'd like to tie Ric Flair's record before he leaves to swing around kettlebells on Fox.

Owens has always counted Lesnar as his dream opponent in countless interviews and has even shared the fact that he named his dog Brock. WWE has a promising feud at hand if they wish to go ahead with it. Stay tuned for more updates on the same.


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