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Triple H Is Perfect Challenger for Roman Reigns at WWE Royal Rumble 2016

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Roman Reigns let his fury overflow and pounced on Triple H at Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2015. That vicious attack on the corporate braggart sparked the fire WWE had been trying to light for a long time.  Triple H is absent from Monday Night raw since then and it is expected that he will be back and might challenge Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble 2016.

WWE would be wise to capitalize on that now and find alternative opponents for each man at WrestleMania 32.

If the company chooses to go with another Sheamus-Reigns match, it will risk losing the audience's interest.

Run with what's working. Don't fill Reigns' early time as champ with filler feuds.

The Pairing of Reigns-sheamus has little appeal to the crowd. Remember that for much of Sheamus and Reigns' TLC match, the crowd seemed disinterested, and that The Celtic Warrior routinely earned church-mouse reactions as champ. And when Sheamus beat down Dean Ambrose in a steel cage on the Dec. 21 Raw, fans chanted, "Boring!"

Triple H is the juicier option. He is the more impressive foe to topple, too.

The match quality promises to be much better than anything Sheamus and The League of Nations could offer. At this point in his career, Triple H is the designated hitter who rarely comes to bat but only hits home runs when he does. From a surprisingly good showing with Sting to an instant classic against Daniel Bryan, memories of The Game's excellence is fresh.

Triple H vs. Reigns is more of a money match than Reigns against Sheamus. It would add to the appeal of the Royal Rumble, making it feel like even more of a special event. The COO hasn't competed at the Rumble since 2010.

Should WWE book this match, an obvious narrative lies waiting to be told: Triple H returns from the beating Reigns handed him, enraged about what Reigns did to both him and his father-in-law, and uses his power to make himself No. 1 contender.

Triple H vs. Reigns is the strike-while-the-iron-is-hot option, the surefire way to make Reigns' title reign memorable early on.

The power of a hero's tale is often dependent on the quality of the villain. And in this case, Triple H is a class above Sheamus, a Jaguar compared to a Renault.


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