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WWE Royal Rumble 2016: Full Card Predictions After TLC

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TLC created the cloud of chaos with broken ladders and bodies, it makes the path to WWE Royal Rumble 2016 quite clear.

On the Final PPV of the year, wwe let its audience now that Roman Reigns will be fighting with the Authority. Roman Reigns has became the WWE Champion after beating Sheamus on post monday night raw after TLC 2015. It also makes clear that Roman Reigns will not battle in the Royal Rumble's 30-man match.

TLC 2015 also thrown some lights on Charlotte's growing dark side, something that will have her collide with her own ally. It showcased two powerful teams likely to eventually face each other.

To figure out what else the card will hold, TLC's and Post Raw results and the arc of current storylines provide clues aplenty.

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1. Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch (Divas Championship)

Charlotte took down Paige at TLC by removing the padding from a turnbuckle and bashing the challenger's head into the exposed steel. That further cemented Charlotte's shifting status toward villainy.

Backstage, Becky Lynch wasn't happy. She said she didn't like what was happening to her friend and who she was becoming.

It's clear that a split between the two allies is looming. That would give Charlotte an obvious babyface opponent to take on at the Royal Rumble.

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2. Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena (United States Championship)

The last time wwe fans saw John Cena in a ring, he was seeing cartoon birds around his head after a kick the head courtesy of Alberto Del Rio. That was Cena's last moment as United States champ.

John Cena is expected to come back to wwe before the end of this year. As Nick Paglino noted on Wrestle Zone, Cena is advertised to appear at a house show on Dec. 26.

Once Cena comes back he will eventually get his Rematch for the U.S. title that he has held so dear.

And with Del Rio crushing Jack Swagger in such definitive fashion at TLC, it certainly appears that their feud is already done with. Cena is owed a rematch. Del Rio needs a new enemy.

That all adds up to a Cena-Del Rio showdown come Jan. 24.

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3. The New Day vs. The USOS/ Lucha Dragons (Tag Team Championship)

TLC 2015 opened with a triple threat match for the Tag Team Championship in a ladder match b/w The New Day vs. The USOS and The Lucha Dragons.

So we can expect that a Match up between The New Day against The USOS or The Lucha Dragons. Monday Night Raw following tlc also suggests that one of those teams will be getting a match against New Day at the Royal Rumble ppv.

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4. Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens (Intercontinental Championship)

Dean Ambrose came out from Tlc as the Intercontinental Championship with a surprise victory over Kevin owens. Unlike Alberto Del Rio's emphatic beatdown of Jack Swagger, this didn't feel like the end of a story; instead, it seemed like an early chapter.

Count on it continuing on into the Royal Rumble.

If WWE wants to build up Owens for a major match at WrestleMania, it can still have him enter the Rumble and tear things up there. Owens could get distracted at that point by his next opponent, giving him a reason to abandon his pursuit of Ambrose.

WWE had to like these two wrestlers' chemistry together at TLC. That makes it more likely we see at least one more PPV bout between the two.

And it's not as if there is a long line of viable contenders in front of The Lunatic Fringe. Owens vs. Ambrose II is the obvious choice here.

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5. Roman reigns vs. Sheamus (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

Roman Reigns failed to grab the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at TLC 2015 and to close the show Roman Reigns assaulted Triple H. On Post Monday night raw after TLC roman reigns got another opporutnity at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and he won it this time and he is the WWE Champion now.

So it is expected that Sheamus will be getting his eventual rematch at either on Monday Night raw or at Royal Rumble 2016. But we can expect that either of these man will be a champion and the other will be the challenger at the Royal rumble ppv. 


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