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10 Burning Questions For WWE Royal Rumble 2016

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Royal Rumble 2016 is a high point for many wrestling fans, it's a unique event which tells several interesting stories, while 30 mans competes in a battle royal match. Royal Rumble is the official beginning of the road to Wrestlemania.

Regardless of what happens this sunday, wwe will make history when the WWE heavyweight championship will be defended first time in the royal rumble match. The royal rumble match typically crowns the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. In that regard, the Rumble is a critical part of the success of WWE’s biggest event of the year.

With four other title matches on the card, let’s take a look the big questions facing WWE that need some answering before the Royal Rumble goes off the air Sunday.

10. Can WWE Break Streak Of Bad Rumbles?

One of the biggest drawbacks of Royal Rumble match in the past year, is that the pool of wrestlers who could legitimately, conceivably win the match is extremely small. When the Rumble is smartly booked and well-executed, that fact often does not detract from the quality and enjoyment of the event.

But when the winner is obvious and the Rumble sucks? Oh boy.

In the past three years, we have got exactly the same thing, with the winners being pretty clear and the rumble being itself being lackluster at best and boring at worst. The Rumble used to be one of the easiest matches to count on for an enjoyable hour of wrestling, but now we have to ask if the 2016 edition can break that streak.

So in a year when the list of potential winners can be counted on two, maybe three fingers, can WWE deliver a good Rumble on Sunday?

9. Will Becky Lynch Get Revenge?

In the recent times Becky Lynch has really emerged as one of the heroine's of the women's divison in wwe. Whereas she formerly felt like an afterthought who was going to be cast aside after Charlotte turned on her, she now has managed to get fans on her side, chanting her name a couple times on Raw.

With Sasha Banks sidelined and Paige returning only to participate in a Total Divas angle, maybe Becky is the best hope right now.

8. Will New Day Hold It Together?

It's been a tough 2016 for the New Day. The trio was immediately mocked by veteran wisecracker Chris Jericho and bestowed with a new insult, a sophomoric one that has failed to catch on but still causes them consternation: “rooty, tooty, booty.”

With rival tag team the Usos already holding the Slammy Award for tag team of the year – an award New Day feel they deserve – you have to wonder whether the tag champs can calm down and get through Sunday. The last thing they need right now is to fall victim themselves to a distraction and thus lose their titles.

7. Can Kalisto Win The Rubber Match?

WWE had an opportunity on there hands to create a new star a couple weeks ago when Kalisto surprisingly won the United States Championship on Raw. Not many would expect someone who is in a mid-card tag team to suddenly receive a title shot and actually win.

When Kalisto won the title , it was a huge deal. But then the WWE creative team pulled its favorite gimmick, 50/50 booking. Alberto Del Rio immediately challenged for his title on Smackdown and won the U.S. title back, ending Kalisto’s reign at three days (or one day, if you look at when Smackdown was taped). This then set up the creative team’s other favorite tool: the rubber match.

The U.S. title can again change hands this sunday, but the question is can kalisto pull it off?

6. Will Ambrose And Owens Steal The Show?

Ambrose-Owens feud is one of the most fierce feud in WWE right now. Both are the talented superstars and has created a lot of buzz for the Intercontinental championship. Unlike the United States Championship feud, Ambrose and Owens haven’t traded the title back and forth in a short span.

Simply, Ambrose beat Owens at TLC last month, and Owens went on the warpath afterward, attacking Dean repeatedly. Both men have taken turns pummeling the other, putting his adversary through the announce table. It’s angry, aggressive and just a very simple feud. And it works.

Throw in the fact that both men are insanely talented and you have the potential for the IC title bout to be the best match on the card. Sounds familiar, reminding you of the days when the Intercontinental Championship was held by and defended against some of the best workers in the company. That would be a great trend to restart.

5. Who Enters At #2?

We are already aware that Roman Reigns will be entering the Royal Rumble match, forcing him to go the distance if he really wants to retain his WWE World heavyweight Championship. But one thing that bears mentioning is that whoever enters second is going to have to last just as long in the match if he wants to be world champ.

More importantly, if we are playing out the storyline that Mr. McMahon is stacking the deck against Roman Reigns and rigged the lottery to give him #1, then wouldn’t it make sense for the chairman to have a hand-selected enforcer as the #2 entrant to try to toss Roman early? Hell, shouldn’t he stack the deck with the first three or four wrestlers in after Reigns?

4. Which Surprise Entrants Will Emerge?

This is probably the most fun part of the Royal Rumble: welcoming back superstars of yesterday and other injured wrestlers who return to action. The cool part of the Rumble is not knowing who is coming out from behind the curtain next. Fans count down with the timer and eagerly anticipate the next participant’s entrance music, then react accordingly.

We’ve seen superstars like John Cena and Edge return from injury to win the Rumble. And we’ve seen legends like Hacksaw Jim Duggan (winner of the first Rumble), Mick Foley, Rob Van Dam, Diesel, Booker T and others make one-shot appearances to compete. There are entire lists dedicated to the best surprise returns in Rumble history, and deservedly so.

With the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the line, who could come out and try their hand at winning the title? Maybe the Undertaker returns to exact revenge on Brock Lesnar. Fans love to speculate about injured superstars like Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. And of course, you have AJ Styles as the most heavily rumored wrestlers to make a surprise appearance. If even a couple of these types of surprises happen, it could make for a very memorable Rumble.

3. Who Enters At #30?

A novice might think that entering the Royal rumble match and #30 carry some great advantage, but it clearly doesn’t. The #30 spot has yielded just two winners throughout the 28-year history of the Rumble: Undertaker in 2007, and John Cena in 2008.

But even though entering last doesn’t guarantee victory, it still is considered a coveted spot, so whomever enters at #30 will probably be a big deal. Undertaker has entered last three times, while Big Show has entered last twice. The last two to walk down the ramp last were Rey Mysterio (to huge boos in 2014) and Dolph Ziggler last year.

Conventional wisdom would say that Triple H enters last to pop the crowd and put a nail in the coffin of Roman Reigns’ title run. But it could go a couple different ways. Perhaps Triple H enters at #27, #28 or #29 and then brings out a bruiser at #30 to be his enforcer (Kevin Owens, Braun Strowman, Kane or even Brock Lesnar) and ensure Roman gets tossed. There also is the fun rumor that someone enters at #30, but then Mr. McMahon announces a 31st entrant, Triple H.

2. Who Will Eliminate More? Brock Or Roman?

This could be a fun game for fans during the Royal Rumble: Who will eliminate more wrestlers in the Rumble? Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns?

Reigns already has the single Rumble elimination record, tossing 12 men in 2014. He also has eliminated 18 men in his two Rumbles. That makes him the quickest man to hit that number. Odds are that he will continue his path of destruction. By contrast, Lesnar has entered just one Rumble (2003), which he won. But he only tossed four men en route to winning, meaning that the Great Khali has eliminated more in one Rumble (seven in 2007) than Brock. However, Lesnar is not the same man he was 13 years ago.

Both Lesnar and Reigns have the potential to clear the ring, Roman with 18 eliminations in two years, Brock with his reputation as an a**-kicker who threw half the heel roster around on Raw a couple weeks ago. So who tosses more superstars on Sunday? It could be a fun betting game.

1. Will Triple H Enter The Rumble?

Probably one of the worst “surprises” being bandied about right now is that Triple H will return from his monthlong absence to avenge the beating Roman Reigns gave him at TLC.

The very plausible theory is that Hunter is Mr. McMahon’s ace up the sleeve, the insurance policy against Reigns leaving the Royal Rumble with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in hand. Triple H has been referenced in his absence, but you’d think he would have returned by now… unless he’s laying low until a Rumble return.

Triple H coming back to thwart Roman – and to leave with the world title – makes a ton of sense from a storyline perspective, and it would have the benefit of giving Helmsley another title reign. Even if Triple H hypothetically didn’t win, his mission would be accomplished if he prevents Reigns from winning.

All of this hopefully will make for an interesting and fun Rumble, so hunker down and enjoy.


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