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5 Things That Must Happen At Royal Rumble 2016

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This sunday it will be the second biggest pay per view of the year for wwe, Royal Rumble 2016 will be taking place from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

It will be the Rumble time for the World Wrestling Entertainment, which simply means that we are now on the road to Wrestlemania.

The Card of the biggest event of the year for wwe, will be a lot clear after the Royal Rumble ppv.

But what truly must happen at the event? There are six matches announced (one of which is a Rumble qualifier on the pre-show), five of which are title matches. The United States, Divas, Intercontinental and Tag Team Championship matches make up the undercard, with four matches we’ve seen multiple times on free television already.

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Let’s take a look at what really needs to go down this Sunday.

5. The USOS Must Win The Tag Titles

The feud between The New Day and The Usos has largely been terrible, starting over a Slammy Award (never, ever a good sign) and then taking a turn for the worse when Chris Jericho and his lack of shirts got involved, decimating Xavier Woods’ trombone and generally being the least ‘cool’ character on a show that includes a stable called the Social Outcasts.

The Usos are in a strange position at present. They are quite clearly positioned as the #1 babyface tag team. It is the best point of time to let the USOS win the tag titles as the New day are holding them from quite a long time and the titles changing hands will give a new boost.

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4. Alberto Del Rio Must Turn Up To Work

For all the brief time Alberto Del Rio was away from wwe he was on fire, showing the babyface qualities that WWE were so desperately lacking. Ever since he returned to WWE in the autumn of last year, however, he has been not much more than a depressing shadow of the performer he was during his excursion on the indies.

He's also held the United States Championship for the majority of that time, with the exception of lending the strap to Kalisto for a couple of days. The Two will be going at it again at the Royal Rumble with the United States Championship on the line, and I honestly don’t believe that the result of the match matters too much in this instance. Kalisto is on an upward curve regardless, but the enthusiasm for a title win was sucked out with the ill-judged game of hot potato.

Against a performer of Kalisto’s obvious talent, a motivated Del Rio could put together what would be something of a minor classic. He just needs to turn up.

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3. The Diva’s Championship Match Must Get 15 Minutes

I feel like I make the same point with every passing month, but this one needs to be rammed home until it just goes without saying…

Charlotte will defend her title against former teammate Becky Lynch, as the bitterness between the two continues to escalate. Ric Flair is firmly in the corner of his daughter now, and his legacy and attitude is rubbing off on the champion. Cheating to win is no longer the coward’s way out, and a corner cut is a corner passed. It brought Daddy 16 world titles, so why wouldn’t Charlotte follow that example?

Charlotte badly needs to step up to the plate as champion, too. The quality of her matches has taken something of a nosedive over the last few months, but the Rumble represents a chance to reset with the title and return to NXT-era Charlotte.

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2. Dean Ambrose And Kevin Owens Must End Cleanly

A strange request for a Last Man Standing match, but one that must happen all the same. Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens are embroiled in a heated feud over the Intercontinental Championship, and both men possess the credibility to really elevate the title in this match.

Therefore, for the good of both men and the title itself, the finish of this match needs to be as clean and straightforward as possible. Regardless of who comes out on top, there must be no ambiguity coming out of it regarding the finish.

Look at it like this; if Ambrose retains and does so in kooky fashion, Kevin Owens will come out looking like an idiot. For a man rumoured to be look at a big match at WrestleMania, this makes no sense. If Owens wins through nefarious means, Ambrose will have lost another big match to a smarter opponent. It’s lose-lose on both accounts.

This is something of a hopeful request as the Last Man Standing gimmick lends itself to chicanery. Both men, along with the title, deserve more.

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1. Daniel Bryan Needs To Return

A most unlikely occurrence it would be, but never have WWE been more in need of the leader of the YES! Movement. Daniel Bryan has been on the shelf since vacating the Intercontinental Championship not long after WrestleMania XXXII, and each passing month has come with varying degrees of depressing outlooks on his future.

Over the last few months Bryan has continually maintained that he is healthy enough to wrestle, despite not receiving clearance from WWE doctors. He has been given the green light regarding concussions by many in the field of neurology, most recently by a specialist at UCLA, but still that same light is yet to come fro WWE top brass.

WWE’s treatment of Daniel Bryan over the last few years has been puzzling, to say the least. He was showcased expertly at WrestleMania XXX, but it felt that the creative team really had no option for fear of a fan revolt.

Bringing Bryan back at the Rumble would undoubtedly save a match that is shaping up to be another eye-rolling exercise in attempting to swallow a hand-picked babyface being shoved down our throats. It must happen.

What else do you want to see at this year’s Royal Rumble? Share your thoughts below in the comments thread.


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