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5 things WWE has to accomplish at Royal Rumble 2016

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WWE's Second biggest of the year arrives this sunday when Royal Rumble 2016 takes place in Orlando.

More than any other year, wwe is in a need of a major push heading into April's WrestleMania 32. With many Big Stars like Seth Rollins, John Cena, Sting and possibly Daniel Bryan, the organization is lacking serious buzz.

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Every move at Sunday's big event will be scrutinized. Here are five things WWE has to get right:

#5 Make Roman Reigns look strong

This goes without saying, wwe is trying hard from past year to make Roman Reigns look strong and make him the top new baby Face of the company. It looks like the plan is to have Reigns lose his title to, possibly, Triple H, setting up a showdown between The Game and Reigns at WrestleMania 32. It's not exactly a terrible idea, given the limited options the promotion has.

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It will also be a good idea to keep the fans on Roman's side. Had they matched him up against Brock Lesnar, there's a good chance fans would have switched sides. Instead, there's no way the WWE Universe will take the Authority over Reigns.

#4 Find something interesting in the Divas division

Paige and Sasha Banks have been sidelined with injuries and the Divas Division is struggling big time. Despite turning heel and having her father, Ric Flair, by her side, Charlotte has been unable to connect with fans. Meanwhile, Becky Lynch just doesn't seem like the future face of the division. Assuming WWE is over the Bella Twins as headliners, the promotion should move Eva Marie, whose run as a heel with NXT has gone extremely well, back up to the big leagues.

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#3 Have surprise Royal Rumble entrants matter

If Triple H does enter the Royal Rumble, that's not much of a surprise anymore. The Real shocker currently thrown arround is former TNA star, AJ Styles. That's a big name to hardcore wrestling fans. There have also been rumors that Samoa Joe or Finn Balor could show up. Whatever happens, WWE needs to take full advantage of any surprise appearance with something that could lead to bigger storylines heading into Monday's Raw and the next two pay-per-views.

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#2 Maintain the Wyatt Family's momentum

Fans are still not sold on a Braun Strowman and Lesnar feud. But the things are seemed to heading that way. If that is the case then they need to make Strowman look as strong as possible heading into Wrestlemania Season.  That could possibly mean having the Wyatt Family eliminate Lesnar from the Royal Rumble in some fashion.

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#1 Bring Daniel Bryan back

There's nothing WWE can do to win fans over except bringing Daniel Bryan back in the Royal Rumble PPV to build hype for Wrestlemania 32. Word is another independent doctor recently cleared Bryan to wrestle. However, WWE's physicians have been reluctant to okay the superstar's return. If that's the case, perhaps WWE should consider releasing Bryan from his contract. It's making less and less sense to have the roster's most popular superstar sitting in limbo when you're biggest event of the year is lacking star power.


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