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7 WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Surprises That Could Happen

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The Royal Rumble 2016 is almost here and the anticipation for the same is at a fever pitch.

In the royal rumble match, wwe world heavyweight champion Roman Reigns will be defending his championship inside the royal rumble 2016 live stream match, where the only way to win the match is to outlast the greatest professional wrestlers on the planet, staving off elimination in the process. With his ongoing vendetta against The Authority, and announcement that he will enter the match from the No. 1 position, it will be harder than ever for Reigns to retain his title.

WWE intercontinental champion Dean Ambrose, tag team champions The New Day and Divas champion Charlotte will also have their title reigns tested on the undercard.

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Ambrose will face the challenge of the always dangerous Kevin Owens in a violent Last Man Standing match while The New Day will have to fend off 2015 Tag Team of the Year The Usos if they wish to continue their highly entertaining run. For Charlotte, a war with former best friend Becky Lynch will determine if her run with gold continues to comes to an end in Orlando.

We know all of this. What we do not are these eight surprises that could define the 2016 Royal Rumble pay-per-view event.

7. Roman Reigns Retains From No. 1

No one would be much surprised if Roman Reigns ends up going the distance and also retaining his WWE World Heavyweight Championship in sunday's main event.

Booking him to win the Rumble from the No. 1 position, overcoming the odds in a way that would make John Cena hurl up his neon-colored lunch and retaining the title would result in backlash that makes last year’s hatred look like a polite rejection of the second-generation star as the face of the company.

6. Daniel Bryan Returns To The Ring

Let's be honest there are not much viable contenders in the Royal Rumble match whom fans can think about winning the match. The royal rumble match is obviously lacking star power.

WWE could benefit greatly from the return of Daniel Bryan, even if his involvement in the match does potentially involve a hostile crowd reaction if anyone but the Aberdeen, Washington native wins.

Bryan is still incredibly over with fans, the connection he has with them unharmed by repeated injury and lengthy stints on the disabled list.

Told countless times by the Internet that Bryan will not be cleared to return to action by WWE’s in-house physician, the fans would be stunned by the improbable return of the former world champion and the result would be an electric atmosphere the likes of which the Rumble has not seen in years.

Speaking of electricity…

5. The Most Electrifying Man In Sports-Entertainment

The announcement via Dwayne Johnson’s official Instagram account regarding The Rock’s return to WrestleMania sparked great interest in just what The Great One will be doing come April 3 in Dallas, Texas.

Perhaps that question becomes a bit clearer Sunday in Orlando.

It is not out of the realm of possibility that the A-list movie star and pro wrestling icon shows up at the Royal Rumble, especially one in which Roman Reigns plays a key role in the proceedings. That is exactly what happened in Philadelphia last year, when the Most Electrifying Man in Sports-Entertainment was used to try and deflect some of the hatred the fans had for Reigns and his win the in the main event.

Unlikely to come to the rescue of Reigns, Rock could easily foreshadow what his plans for the biggest night in wrestling will be Sunday with a brief appearance.

4. Randy Orton Returns

Randy Orton has been away from wwe for some months now, his problematic shoulder keeping him from action. Surgery extended his leave longer than intended. Then reports came out about potential neck surgery, which has never been confirmed or denied by either Randy or WWE.

With that in mind, do not discount a potential return from Orton, who not-so-slyly told a fan on Twitter that keeping him off of the Slammy Awards back in December kept him out of mind, suggesting that it would make his return that much more meaningful.

Perhaps that return occurs Sunday at the Royal Rumble, where he would instantly generate buzz as one of the biggest stars in the match. A few RKOs and a late-match run could help reinvigorate a performer who has not been at his best since 2013. More importantly, it would bolster a roster in desperate need of recognizable faces, especially as ‘Mania approaches.

3. Sami Zayn Enters The Rumble

There is an overwhelming sense among fans that Finn Balor will enter the Royal Rumble. While the level of awesome in that scenario would be higher than Rob Van Dam during a 1998 ECW house show, fans should expect Balor to be held off of television until the company is ready to debut the Balor Club.

With that said, there will be a push for an NXT star to compete in the Rumble match and that competitor should be Sami Zayn.

Wrestling’s most beloved babyface wrestled a phenomenal match with John Cena, despite a dislocated shoulder. Fans remember that, they remember his gutsy performance and his popularity transcends the developmental brand. His history with Kevin Owens even lends a potential story to any appearance that may occur. That will help make the moment that much more electric.

2. Bray Wyatt Wins The WWE World Heavyweight Championship

The Wyatt Family has been booked inconsistently for two years now, being thrown into feuds with top stars but never given the signature win that firmly entrenches them at the top of the card.

That could forever change Sunday night should Bray Wyatt win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the Royal Rumble match.

With all of the talk surrounding Triple H and Roman Reigns’ planned WrestleMania showdown, Wyatt winning the title would be a major surprise, if for no reason other than the fact that he was not even a legitimate contender to do so before Monday’s beatdown of Brock Lesnar.

A win for the Reaper of Souls would reignite interest in the enigmatic star, all the while setting up a fresh new match for ‘Mania season, especially if the events of Raw are intended to build anticipation for Wyatt vs. Lesnar.

1. AJ Styles Debuts In WWE

After wrapping up his run in Ring of Honor Saturday night in Duluth, Georgia, Styles is free to make his long-awaited debut in McMahon Land.

But will he?

The potential exists for him to enter the Royal Rumble, a match that thrives on surprises and the unexpected. He would almost assuredly be one of the favorites to win the match should that happen. At the same time, though, there are no hinted about programs, suggesting that he will not be featured in a major WrestleMania match. That makes a Rumble win less likely and, if that is the case, why even bother wasting the debut there?

If the idea is to bring Styles in at the Royal Rumble, do it earlier in the show. Let him introduce himself, maybe lay out someone that he will then engage in a WrestleMania program. But do not waste his star power in a Rumble match where he is likely to be dumped over the top rope like anyone else.


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