Thursday, 14 January 2016

Daniel Bryan’s Status For WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Return

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Daniel Bryan has been absent for the majority of past two years because of neck and concussion-related injuries. WWE has not cleared Daniel Bryan at this point and is highly unlikely to be cleared at this point, meaning a Royal Rumble 2016 return isn’t happening.

Dave Meltzer reported the bad news in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, but did add that the door isn’t fully shut on him being cleared in the future.

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The simple truth is, he can’t get clear of WWE’s medical checks. His concussion issues, and any other problems, need to be cleared by WWE’s doctor,  Dr. Joseph Maron, who is WWE’s head of medical. Vince McMahon then needs to sign off on the return.

Years of wrestling a physical style, and numerous blows to the head, mean that Bryan is more worn down than your typical 34 year old wrestler.

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Meltzer also casts doubt on Bryan being back for WrestleMania 32 in April. He says that “as of today there are no plans for him to make a secret return at the Rumble or Mania and it’s not like they are holding him off until a certain date.”

So it is a “NO” for now, but hopefully there may still be a “YES” in Bryan’s longer term WWE future.


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