Wednesday, 6 January 2016

John Cena Missing WWE Royal Rumble 2016

Posted by BAD MAN

After the shocking Injury revelation by John Cena, it is quite clear that he will be missing WWE Royal Rumble 2016.

John Cena has also been pulled out from the WWE India tour, Roman Reigns has been marked as his replacement for the Tour, scheduled for next week. Replacing the longtime franchise player on the tour is current WWE World Heavyweight champion Roman Reigns.

As we had noted, John Cena announced on Twitter las evening that he is set to undergo shoulder surgery today in Birmingham, Alabama. As per reports, he is suffering from a torn rotator cuff and is most likely to miss this year’s Royal Rumble Live Stream.

While it was not confirmed in any way, the reports were for him to face The Undertaker at this year’s Mania. This would be the first Wrestlemania without Cena wrestling on the show, since he made his Wrestlemania debut back in 2004.

His last match came on December 30th at a WWE live event against United States Champion Alberto Del Rio. He did not appear on RAW but did appear on SmackDown but did not wrestle.


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