Thursday, 21 January 2016

Josh Bredl To Debut At WWE Royal Rumble 2016?

Posted by BAD MAN

Josh Bredl could debut in wwe at this sunday at the Royal Rumble 2016 ppv. F4wonline reports that all NXT talent will be there at the event, and people in the company want to see him debut in the Rumble match.

The reason for that is all the heat he has courted this past week. Josh Bredl made a comment about the Social Outcasts being “Social Jobbers”, which caused Stardust and Kevin Owens to hit back at him on Twitter. “Probably going to be a long day for young Josh,” Bryan Alvarez stated in his update about Bredl being backstage at the Rumble.

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The wrestlers will want to see him in the Rumble match so that they can chop the hell out of him. That’s what happened with Tough Enough winner Daniel Puder back in 2005, with Chris Benoit and Hardcore Holly legit beating the hell out of the arrogant rookie.

WWE will perhaps want to capitalise on his controversy by having him in the Royal Rumble match. The irony is that Stardust and Owens gave the Tough Enough star a ton of exposure by lashing out at him. Nobody was talking about him last week, but everyone is aware of him now. By ruffling a few feathers, he’s actually made himself stand out.


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