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WWE Royal Rumble 2016: 10 Biggest Rumours

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The Go-home eddition of Monday night raw left more questions than it did answers ahead of the over-the-top-rope spectacular on Sunday at Royal Rumble 2016. Even though Vince McMahon made the call to make Roman Reigns the number one entrant, and perhaps backed himself into a creative corner in the process, a number of segments opened up a range of other possibilities.

Stephanie McMahon teased the pending arrival of New Japan Pro Wrestling stars AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows and Shinsuke Nakamura, while Bray Wyatt made a mockery of Brock Lesnar, emerging from a pack of pretenders to become a viable winner.

Chris Jericho also mentioned that he’s one of the “top three contenders” to leave the event with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship…surely not? Stranger things have happened, folks…

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Here are 10 Biggest Rumours ahead of Sunday’s Royal Rumble event.

10. Wyatt Family To Dominate?

As the RAW went off air on Monday The Wyatt Family left Brock Lesnar decimated in the middle of the ring. Harper, Rowan and Strowman all got some offence in on The Beast, who offered nothing in the way of resistance before Bray hit Sister Abigail.

This sets up a couple of interesting sub-plots to the Rumble: will the Wyatts work together in order to help Bray bring the gold home? While there’s little doubting that Brock will go after the Family whenever he should storm the ring.

WrestleMania feud between Bray and Brock, anyone? The groundwork could be laid at the Rumble.

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9. Old-Timers Returning?

After some extensive research into this field, two names have repeatedly cropped up: Razor Ramon and Jake The ‘Snake’ Roberts.

Yes, really.

The pair have got their lives back on track with the help of Diamond Dallas Page and appear to be in fine physical condition. Well, good enough for a fleeting cameo, a couple of bumps and a throw over the top rope.

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8. Dean Ambrose To Defeat Kevin Owens?

Hopefully Kevin Owens will be going on to far bigger and better things ahead of WrestleMania season.

Rumors are that Kevin owens Might be working a match with either Brock Lesnar or the Undertaker, KO is arguably the top heel in the company right now. Owens seemingly being the only viable opponent for both Lesnar and ‘Taker at the moment really does speak volumes of the man, his talent and how far he’s come in such a short space of time.

Putting Intercontinental championship on KO will really narrow down the options for KO going into the Wresltemania Season. The belt needs to be on the line at ‘Mania and, even though there are a lot of face opponents he could potentially dance with, it leaves the likes of The Beast and The Phenom at a loose end.

Keeping the title with Ambrose is by far the smarter move here, which is probably why most expect it to happen.

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7. NXT Entrants?

The likes of Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, and Apollo Crews should all head on up to the main roster some time this year and could potentially make an impact at the Rumble.

Nevertheless, there have been more than a couple of rumours about a certain Club made famous in the Far East making their presence known on Sunday…

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6. AJ Styles Will Debut?

What’s the latest? Try not to get too excited, but AJ Styles will be backstage at the Rumble on Sunday. That doesn’t mean he’ll be in the match itself, but there has to be more than a glimmer of hope unless WWE are bringing him in for a meet and greet with the rest of the locker room before he gets going.

Styles is also reportedly booked to be at Monday’s Raw in Miami and Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings in Tampa.

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5. Roman Reigns To Defeat Rey Mysterio’s Record?

Rey mysterio has set the record of time spent in a single Rumble match at 1:02:12 in 2006, a couple of short months after the passing of Eddie Guerrero. Rey, of course, had a rather unceremonious departure from WWE last Spring, meaning WWE might be looking to stick it to him.

As Announced by Vince Mcmahon that Roman Reigns will be entering the Royal Rumble match at no.1 and being his championship on the line it is quite clear that he will be coming close to the record. Whether we like it or not, he’s going to be in the ring until the very end. Vince is hardly going to have him be the eighth man out, twenty minutes in, is he?

Whether that sees him retain the gold or fall at the last hurdle remains to be seen.

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4. Shawn Michaels Turned Down An Offer To Return?

Ric Flair reported on his Wooooo! Nation podcast and claimed that WWE has offered Shawn Michaels a money spinning return at the Royal Rumble.

The Nature Boy said: “They want him so bad for Royal Rumble, but he ain’t budging from that ranch down there in Texas.”

We’ll have to wait for Shawn to either confirm or deny this rumour to see whether it was actually true. The way things are going, this certainly looks like being the year of nostalgia in WWE, with the company looking to a plethora of older talent to replace those struck down by injury.

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3. Josh Bredl Will Debut

F4wonline are reporting that all NXT talent will be at the Royal Rumble, and people in the company want to see Bredl debut in the Rumble match after the social media happenings earlier this week.

While Social Outcasts were in the ring on Monday’s RAW, Josh wisely tweeted “yup… I like it… #SocialJobbers.”

There are rumours that WWE want to capitalise on this story and throw him into the lion’s den, so to speak.

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2. Daniel Bryan To Make A Shock Return?

I suppose we better be asking whether Bryan will ever wrestle another WWE match, let alone compete in the Royal Rumble.

We also know what Bryan has flat-out rejected a number of offers from WWE to move into a different role away from the ring. These included being a Performance Center trainer or a commentator.

It would certainly be a HUGE shock to see ol’ Goat Face back in a WWE ring this Sunday.

1. Triple H To Win The WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

The main event for WrestleMania has reportedly been set for some time, with Triple H expected to face Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

However, Reigns won’t be defending the title, as he’s expected to have his WrestleMania moment by finally toppling champion HHH once and for all. This means that Triple H – who has been the overwhelming favourite with the bookies to win the Rumble all this week – will be the last man in the ring on Sunday.

Don’t be surprised to see Reigns think he’s won before a sneak attack from The Game sees The Authority take the belt home. The hero falls at the last hurdle. Classic.

Best for business?


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