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WWE Royal Rumble 2016: 5 Best Choices To Win

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Royal Rumble 2016 is just around the corner and the speculations on who will be walk away as the winner of Royal Rumble match and the new WWE World heavyweight Championship.

The smart move is to Roman Reigns leaving having retained his WWE Title but are there actually better choices to win the annual 30-man battle royal?

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Royal Rumble has been one of WWE’s can’t-miss events, as one of the most anticipated matches concludes with a clear picture of what our WrestleMania main event is going to look like. But the last two years have been less than stellar, both of them ending in outright audience revolt.

Are we in for a third straight year of the fans in attendance loudly voicing their displeasure and booing the winner of royal rumble match at the result?

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So here we will be looking at the 5 Best Choices to Win the Royal Rumble match and become our new WWE World heavyweight Champion.

5. Kevin Owens

One of the biggest Problem with Roman Reigns as the champion is the lack of credible main event heels for him to face. The Feud with Sheamus has thankfully run its course. Roman has already beaten Bray Wyatt decisively recently. Once we get past WrestleMania, that really doesn’t leave too many options.

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The best heel on the wwe roster right now is Kevin Owens. Owens is absolute money and does the little things so well it’s scary. This is the guy the company needs to be building around, and even though there’s huge money in him as an anti-hero babyface, he’s firing on all cylinders with his heel work so there’s no need to rush it.

4. Roman Reigns

Rumors are stating that WWE has no intentions of taking the belt away from Roman Reigns currently.

Ideally, I’d have Reigns go into WrestleMania 32 as the challenger, as I just feel that winning the belt on the big show makes a bigger impact than defending it, which is why I don’t have him as the top of this list. But if that’s not the plan then I see no reason to flip flop the title back and forth.

You might as well stand your ground with your chosen superstar.

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3. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt is one of the biggest missed opportunity in wwe right now. The Eater of Worlds and leader of The Wyatt Family is overdue for a breakout moment in wwe, and with circumstances starting to dictate Wyatt's path forward, the Rumble is the perfect chance for WWE to come good and deliver a world championship to the hands of Wyatt.

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With so many big stars out injured, there are great chances that wwe will simply push someone new up to the main event scene.

2. Triple H

We don't know that Triple H will be in the Royal Rumble match or not but if he enters the match it would make sense. It's been years since he’s competed in the event.

Triple H is in a middle of a feud with Roman Reigns and Rumors suggests that Roman Reigns and Triple H will be feuding at the Wrestlemania 32 main event.

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It’s not that I necessarily think Triple H should be the champion at this stage of his career, but with the talent roster ravaged by injuries and Roman Reigns the obvious choice to headline ‘Mana, it just makes sense that he’d enter as a challenger rather than champion.

1. Brock Lesnar

If the Main event of this year's wrestlemania is going to be a rematch of last year then wwe will be surely going to take tricky booking to keep the fans interested. Their bout last year was surprisingly excellent and a runback would need to follow an entirely different formula to be viewed as fresh and not a rehash.

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Therefore, Brock needs to walk into Dallas as WWE Champion, and if that’s going to be the case then he needs to win the Royal Rumble.


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