Thursday, 14 January 2016

WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Finish Is Booked And Will Lead To Major Fastlane Match

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Dave Meltzer is reporting that the finish of Royal Rumble 2016 match is already decided and it will lead to a major match at Fastlane 2016.

Dave Meltzer is also reporting that WWE is willing to make the February PPV an A-show. The royal rumble match finish is written with that in mind and will be with the idea to create a huge main event for Fastlane.

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This certainly does hint at a possible title change in the Rumble match. In making Fastlane an A-show, a main event like Brock Lesnar versus Roman Reigns would certainly do the trick. Maybe the planned finish for the Rumble is Lesnar winning the title.

However, Meltzer has also reported that Roman Reigns versus Triple H is set as the main event for WrestleMania 32. So that makes it unlikely Reigns would be losing the title, unless Triple H is the champion going into that match.

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Another option for Fastlane, would be if Reigns’ retains at the Rumble, WWE then do another mini-Rumble match at the February PPV with the traditional number one contender prize. This would then set up Reigns’ WrestleMania title defence in the traditional fashion. A Rumble bout is always a huge draw, so why not just go with it again?


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