Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Edge And Christian Face Off With The New Day At WWE Fastlane 2016

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Edge and christian will be facing off the New Day at the WWE Fastlane 2016 in a segment that will be combining ‘The Cutting Edge’ with ‘The Peep Show’ format.

With the Edge and the christian as well as The New Day being interesting mic maestros, it should make for a fun verbal joust. It is rumored that another tag team will also be interfering in the match after the New Day threatens Edge and Christian.

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It adds a reason for fans to subscribe to WWE Network for Fastlane, bulking the show out with something a bit different than just matches. Edge and Christian are fondly remembered, and nostalgia is a proven draw in WWE. It also gets New Day on Fastlane without having to defend the belts, which they’ll probably be dropping at WrestleMania.

Don’t expect the confrontation to lead to an actual match with Edge and Christian. Edge’s neck injury was a career ender and he’ll never be wrestling again. WWE are doing the segment because ‘Edge And Christian’s Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness’ has its WWE Network premier straight after the PPV.

That said, when New Day were pushing the segment on Raw, they did hint that Fastlane could get physical. Kofi Kingston remarked that you don’t bring a kazoo to a trombone fight.


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