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Triple H vs. Roman Reigns: Early Preview, Prediction for WWE WrestleMania 32

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Roman Reigns Defeated Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose in a #1 contender's match for the WWE Heavyweight Championship on Sunday night at Fastlane, and he is now the official #1 contender and will go on to face WWE world heavyweight champion Triple H in the main event of WrestleMania 32.

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Reigns hit a spear on Ambrose after the Cincinnati native had hit both Reigns and Lesnar with chair shots to gain an advantage, and Reigns then pinned his best friend for the three-count. WWE captured this moment after the pinfall:

Reigns was the overwhelming favorite entering the pay-per-view based on his long-running feud with Triple H and The Authority, and WWE's decision-makers decided to stick with that angle entering the showcase of immortals.

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The Big Dog and The Game have been at odds for the past several months, especially since Tables, Ladders & Chairs. After losing a world title match to Sheamus, Reigns destroyed Triple H and knocked him out of action for weeks.

The fans got behind Reigns to the point where he won the world title on Raw the night after TLC, but his run with the strap was short-lived, as he was forced to defend it as the No. 1 entrant in the Royal Rumble.

The King of Kings returned as a surprise at No. 30, and he eliminated Reigns before also tossing Ambrose to become the world champion for the 14th time in his illustrious career.

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Despite the loss, Reigns was undeterred and focused on getting back the WWE World Heavyweight Championship:

WWE has gone to great lengths to build up Reigns as its next top face, and it has placed a great deal of adversity in front of him in the form of The Authority holding him back.

Based on the long history of wrestling booking, all signs point to Reigns conquering The Game and becoming the WWE world heavyweight champion for the third time at WrestleMania.


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